Fahrenheit Reviews

National Press

Rising Stars | Restaurant Hospitality, October 2004

"After graduating from culinary school and while barely out of his teens, he left his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to continue his education with professor Wolfgang Puck..." read more

Puck: It's Not Luck | Restaurant Hospitality, November, 2006

In an interview with Wolfgang Puck, Restaurant Hospitality invoked the words of our own Chef Rocco in the following question posed to the world renowned chef: "Rocco Whalen, chef at Fahrenheit in Cleveland and a veteran of three of your restaurants, once observed: 'Even when Puck is not at one of his restaurants, it still feels like he is there.' How do you create a culture that sustains itself?" read more

Picking Esquire's Best New Restaurants | Esquire, December 2002
"There are so many young chefs out there doing fine work-many of whom made my list of "Chef's to Keep Your Eye On," like...Rocco Whalen at Fahrenheit in Cleveland-all of which make me very sure that there will be plenty to praise next year." --John Mariani

Cleveland | Gourmet, October 2002
"Fahrenheit, the new darling of the bohemian Tremont district, has all the puppyish appeal of a young starter restaurant. Chef Rocco Whalen knows how to coax big, vital flavors from fresh materials, whether in a baby-artichoke pizza or lemon brushed roast chicken with buttermilk mashed potatoes and onion strings."

Fahrenheit Cranks Up The Heat | Restaurant Hospitality, October 2002

"If you believe that demographics are destiny in the restaurant business, it's a little hard to explain everything that's going on in Cleveland's historic Tremont district. Granted, you can find scattered..." read more

Local Reviews

"To Die For" The 25 Restaurants Cleveland Can't Live Without Cleveland Scene, February 16, 2011

" '
I live, breath, cook, love, and respect Cleveland — and especially Tremont,' announces Rocco Whalen, one of the city's most passionate chefs and ardent supporters. Opening Fahrenheit in 2002, Whalen became every bit as central to the Tremont food scene as Michael Symon (though still without his own street sign). Boisterous, as all bistros should be, this nine-year-old mainstay seems to get better with each passing year. The chef's bold American cuisine never fails to impress, in terms of ingredients, preparation, and presentation. Many of Fahrenheit's dishes have become classics that Whalen is near-powerless to pull from his menu: Vietnamese chicken spring rolls, bacon-wrapped chorizo-stuffed dates, Kobe beef short ribs, and coffee-crusted pork tenderloin, to name but a few. But it may be Whalen's fly pies that have drawn the most buzz over the years. Crisp and chewy with a hint of sweetness, the pitch-perfect pizzas are proof that Whalen loves Clevelanders as much as Cleveland itself."

Fahrenheit: Your favorite dishes, only a little more extravagant, at Rocco Whalen's spot | Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 15, 2011

Speakeasy dark, with flashes of elegance, Fahrenheit turns up the heat on the critical mass of good restaurants in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood. Expect inventiveness on the plate.

Call it Tremont noir, that shadowed light of seduction in the dining room. Farhrenheit's got it, along with skylight slits over the streamlined metallic banquettes. Best of all, no amount of low light can dim the big flavors on the plate or the speed and precision of the serving staff. Chef Rocco Whalen worked with Wolfgang Puck and then came home to Cleveland for a few start-up ventures before this big sweep. You might find the gregarious guy schmoozing around the room or the drapery-slung bar. read full article

Kobe Beef Short Ribs | Cleveland Magazine, May, 2010

"Since chef Rocco Whalen created Fahrenheit's Kobe Short ribs ($29) nine years ago, the dish has gained fans, wowed bloggers and appeared on Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels. But like any celeb, that beef doesn't just wake up perfect. Whalen marinates it a few days then braises it at 220 degrees for 12 hours. The result is impossibly tender meat infused with ginger and soy flavors. "When we tried to remove it from the menu years ago, it was like getting death threats," Whalen
says. We're sure he's joking... Then again, if this dish vanished, there's no
telling what we'd do."

The Gosple According to Rocco | Cleveland Foodie, September, 2007

"In my short chat with Rocco, which took place during Fahrenheit’s happy hour, you can’t help but get the feeling like you’ve known him forever. Maybe that’s because he is a local." read more

Hot Stuff: Fahrenheit | Cleveland Magazine

"A trip to Fahrenheit, chef Rocco Whalen's restaurant in the Tremont area, could leave diners of a certain age humming a popular tune from the '50s: Little Things Mean a Lot. This is a place where the tiniest details..." read more

5 Favorites (2006 Silver Spoon Awards) | Cleveland Magazine, May 2006

Fahrenheit, Tremont — With Chef Rocco Whalen forming a new owner-ship group with the guys from the Blind Pig and Southside, big things may be in store for this popular Tremont eatery. The room is vibrant yet comfortable. And Whalen’s cuisine — whether his widely touted, Puck-inspired pizzas or more trendy dishes such as the rare beef carpaccio rolls, Chinatown chicken spring rolls or tempura-battered chicken and waffles with truffle honey — is upscale yet approachable. Plus, Fahrenheit’s martinis are some of the biggest and best in the city.

A Temple to Temperature and Timing | Cleveland Live
"One lesson Whalen learned early from Wolfgang Puck, when he worked for 'Wolf,' (initially as a sous chef at Obachine in Phoenix in '97), was the importance of using the finest, freshest ingredients..." read more

Hot Spot: Fahrenheit restores faith... | Scene Magazine

"Just when diners were fretting that Cleveland's restaurant renaissance was running out of steam, along came Fahrenheit, a charming little bistro in Tremont, with outstanding food, engaging atmosphere, and enthusiastic service..."

Fahrenheit in Tremont has high... | Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Sometimes you can just walk into a new restaurant, drink in the surroundings, sit down, read the menu and wine list and say to yourself "this place is going to be a big hit..." read more